In December 2013 after 16 years together, 4 children and 13 years of marriage, my husband told me that despite outward appearances he’d always felt more female than male. This was followed by hours and hours of talking, often until very late at ┬ánight, generally over a drink or 3 and plenty of reading, until we concluded that he was in fact transgender. This was really just the first step for us on a path which we still have a long way to travel down but we’re travelling it together.

My hope in starting this blog is that it may offer hope to someone who finds themselves where I was 3 years ago, it can be hard to find positive stories from partners of trans people but the stories are out here along with some very lovely people, we are not alone and this story can have a happy ending. It’s also for me as the few times that I have written blog posts I’ve found it really helpful and when things get tough, it’s good to be able to go back and read the positive ones.

All of our children now know and have been wonderfully accepting, we feel very lucky. The title for this blog came from our 8 year old who said to me the other day “Mummy, you didn’t know daddy was a girl on the inside when you got married so you married a girl by mistake!”

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